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Alan J. Golden fights aggressively for all clients and does not shy away from any type of criminal charges.

A Louisiana Criminal Law Attorney With Over 30 Years Of Courtroom Success

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense



When You Face Criminal Charges In Louisiana, The Stakes Are High

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges in the state of Louisiana, the deck is stacked against you. Louisiana law has some of the harshest penalties and sentences of any state in the union. Even after the state overhauled its sentencing guidelines in 2017, Louisiana remains a tough, law and order state. Drug offenses, sex offenses and crimes of violence carry particularly severe penalties, including the death sentence for those found guilty of first-degree murder. To maintain your freedom, you need an experienced attorney like Alan J. Golden fighting for your rights.

A Former Prosecutor Who Knows All The Tricks

Prior to becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Alan Golden spent several years as a prosecuting attorney in Caddo Parish. He has more than 30 years of trial experience working from both sides of the courtroom. His knowledge and experience successfully defending sex crimes have resulted in demand for his services as a lecturer on strategies for defending clients accused of sex offenses. He frequently speaks at statewide seminars where he explains his methods for trial preparation, examining evidence and interviewing alleged victims and witnesses.

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Representing Clients Charged With Sex Offenses

Although there is a perceived bias towards delivering a guilty verdict among judges and juries, Alan Golden does not shy away from taking on clients accused of sex offenses. He has a long track record of winning not-guilty verdicts in sex crime cases, including date rape, possession of child pornography and sexual battery. He understands that a guilty verdict can mean registering as a sex offender for 15 years to life, greatly inhibiting your ability to find work and a place to live. Having an experienced attorney like Alan Golden on your side can be the difference between freedom and a lifetime of challenges.